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Barca sept

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We ordered them from a website when we were in Spain and printed them out from a La Caixa machine using the credit card you purchased them with. Can't remember the website now unfortunately. You can also head down to the Barca shop across the square from the top of Las Ramblas and buy them there. You need to buy with a credit card though - they won't accept cash.

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They don't. They sell out once a season.

Just buy it when you get there, from FNAC at Plaza Catalunya or at the stadium.

You won't struggle to get a ticket


Well, I bought my tickets for the R. Soc. game a few days ago and it was a struggle to find two decent seats. I reckon it's almost sold-out by now.


Also, I saw Barça beat Seville 4-0 at Nou Camp in 2009 - along with 99.000 other people. The big games sell out (at least all the decent seats).


Take a look at this from the last few seasons:


16 October 2010 Barcelona 2 – 1 Valencia Attendance: 87,975

14 March 2010 Barcelona 3 – 0 Valencia Attendance: 87,600

19 February 2012 Barcelona 5 – 1 Valencia Attendance: 74,240


If you don't buy your ticket(s) early on you won't get a decent seat, that's for sure...

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Can't seem to find two seats together might say f it and watch the game in a local bar


As I said before, just go to FNAC before the game or outside the ground.

There are always plenty of spares round by the ticket office.

Because it only gets decided 2 weeks before as well season ticket holders will resell them, which go on sale on their official site or ticketmaster.es.

I've been to the last five clasicos and never paid more than face value. There are always plenty around.

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