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Kvarme Ate My Food

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When it came out English Settlement was hailed as their masterpiece but hearing it now it sounds a bit meandering and unfocused. Personally I'd go for Oranges & Lemons, and Nonesuch. Black Sea is good but tails off a bit at the end. The two Wasp Star albums are also very good.


I've not heard the first couple or Mummer all the way through so can;t comment on those.


The two compilations - Fossil Fuel and the Complete... are both pretty good for the hits/singles alone - Fossil Fuel being a bit more comprehensive as its a double.

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'Peter Pumpkinhead' is a classic and on my 'most played' list on the iPad


Still listen to 'White Music' today and love it; 'This Is Pop' is a perfect and radical statement of intent for its time, and 'Watchtower' brilliantly fulfils the cover version requirement of doing something different from the original (or other notable covers, a high bar in this instance). Love them.

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