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Man V Food


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The wings I could do, maybe the sausage.


I have tried a single ghost chilli wing in Arizona. Never again, my mouth was on fire for hours after one, and I don't think I really finished that one. I think I ate a whole water melon trying to cool down my mouth.

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I don't understand these challenges, nobody is going to be impressed enough to make it worthwhile.


The vodka one could be sleight of hand where they do an extreme close up of him breaking the seal, the bottle then briefly goes out of shot. Should be called d****ead vs his liver.

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This a mate of mine, skinny b*****d he is too!!


He did that another big breakfast, the one that I and other people have posted on here before in the past;

His success inspired him to head to Mario’s Cafe in Westhoughton, Bolton, on Monday to take on a breakfast that would put him in the Guinness World Records book.


More than 550 people from all over the world had attempted the challenge of eating ten sausages, ten eggs, ten rashers of bacon, five black pudding slices, and piles of beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast in 20 minutes without a drink, but in six years none had been successful.


That was until Robert turned up, and ate the whole thing in just eight minutes and 49 seconds.


He's gonna be on some Channel 4 program all about it soon to.

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i want the bloke who presents man vs food to die very soon. from a nut allergy preferably. it's a f***ing vile tv show.


I like him. He's a red.


I prefer the heat challenges rather than the gluttony ones like, but still.

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I like man vs food and the presenter seems sound.


Think they need to do a series that involves him travelling around the globe rather than eating the usual steak/hot wings type thibg


What MvF shows is there is nothing that Americans will not put cheese on. Or bacon. Or both.

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