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Crime News From Crosby


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A phalanx of police cars just descended on the road. Armed police charged in to the house opposite and nicked him, his mate, wife and some other woman.


he's just done 8 years btw (as in came out 18 months ago)


about half an hour before that mrs M came in told me something weird had just happened outside the house in question. Described it as looking like a 'guns/money/drugs exchange that had gone wrong' and leaving some mystery woman pacing up and down outside on her own in a nark (she's been nicked now)


police still searching the house and garden


so you can stick yer sombreros Surf


also, the police just called me and said I'd driven off from the petrol station without paying on the way down to London for the Cup Final.


I have to go in and pay tomorrow or else....which is fair enough; they wanted me to go now but I said the street is cordoned off by your lads 'cos they're doing an armed raid, so I can't



will report back soon.

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