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I graduated on Monday and I wasn't really that arsed about it. Not the whole finishing Uni thing I am really proud of myself with that, but I just wanted the graduation to be over with, but once you get the gown on it all changes.


The pomp and all that though when you walk in and around the city on the day is a bit special, not even the weather could put a down on things. Walking into the Anglican Cathedral and hearing the music play and pretty much the whole procedure was absolutely ace, without wanting to sound too morbid I'm really grateful that 3/4 of my Grandparents where alive to see me graduate, as I'll remember it for the rest of my life.


It was ace to also graduate with Jamie Carragher who said that he would also like to thank his mother who had 'Known him since birth' which made me chuckle.


Now I'm in the real world.....

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I remember getting a lift with a friend of the family crammed in the back of one of those small BMW 3-series they used to make, with the air conditioner blowing in my face the whole way. Can't remember anything about the ceremony except a vague understanding of what the inside of St David's Hall looks like. Went for lunch after and thought I'd be dead mature and have an espresso, felt light-headed, sweaty and slightly sick for the rest of the day.

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