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I am a subscriber and I'm absolutely gutted about this.

It's a great magazine and there is nothing else like it in the UK, that I know of.

They have some great writers and to merely describe it as a music magazine does it a disservice.

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Didn't know about this - was it financial problems?


Bought it from issue #1 (Nick Cave) and while it has definitely declined in quality it was only outshone by Mojo as a monthly UK mag. Mark Ellen, though a good journalist has also always been a bit 'me me me'.


Think their best guy has gone to edit Q, which has immediately gotten better over the past couple of months.

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Andrew Harrison is the Word guy who has moved to edit Q. Thought he was the best of the bunch at Word. Let's see.

Met Harrison at the Bauer Media awards (CLANG) a couple of months back. Seemed like a good guy – also a Scouser and a Red for those who don't know – but doesn't like My Bloody Valentine. Pfft. Definitely sensed his eyes started to glaze over when me and one of the Q journos (a good friend of mine) started discussing bands from after a certain era, though. Then my mate got laid off a few weeks later. Oops.


Rimbeux, Q/other Bauer titles have had a problem with this – trying to address dwindling circulations by lurching from one direction to another. Q did attempt to go a bit 'yoof' – badly, I might add – and that experiment's failure probably cost Paul Rees (then-editor) his job. Harrison apparently wants to take Q back to its roots.

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Might give it a look. Lives or lived local to me did Harrison, used to be in a music quiz team with Miranda Sawyer and a couple of others, we beat them twice!


As an aside, the one I really miss is Arena before it went monthly(now dead apart from the fashion spin off), used to have long and in depth pieces on a wide variety of things. Nothing I've found like it since, just lots of titles that look pretty but have zero substance, unless what ambassadors serve guests counts as substance

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