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I have a feeling my wireless router is on its way out - its a 3Com and I've had it for about 5 years so probably doesnt owe me anything but it does seem to be v sluggish and warm


So I'm having a look at a new one but have no idea what I am looking for - I have 8mb broadband (used to be Bulldog but is now Home Telecom) and run a variety of laptops, smart phones and a printer on it. The security we currently use is WEP and MAC address filtering. My work lapper is connected via CAT5 but the rest is wireless


Googling them there is a huge variety and a wide range of prices so guess I'd prob go to about £70 or so if it was good and easy to use


Anyone got any recommendations or tips as to what I should be looking for? Linksys look a good make being part of Cisco but no idea really


Cheers oh techie forumites :)

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