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Now this is really weird - my iPhone

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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A couple of weeks ago my phone went a bit mental, I couldn't open anything like mail etc, so I rebooted it. When I got to the office, I plugged it into my Mac and it tried to sync, but I didn't allow it to as it syncs from my home one.


Later when it was fully charged, I noticed that a few apps had disappeared & loads of the settings (ringtones etc) had gone back to default - the battery % meter had to be switched back on etc...


When I got home I went to sync it & it came up with the username/pw box (like you get when buying apps or music through iTunes) BUT the username is jderringer@mac.com, not mine. I have the option to cancel this & it goes away. But it keeps happening.


I had no idea who jderringer is/was. I asked IT at work, thinking that maybe it was someone who'd once used my mac, but they have never heard of this person.


So I googled the email address. It's Jeff Derringer, who works in the music biz and was in Brooklyn but now in Chicago. I went to his LinkedIn & he's a 2nd connection - he's good friends with someone I used to work with. But, the person I used to work with, I worked with at another company, not the one I'm at now, and my phone is only about 9-12 mo old, so it's not like it's carrying over from then.


How the f*** has a random person's user-email address got into my phone, but that random person is a good friend of a friend of mine...

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