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I was over in Poznan for the Croatia game and then up to Gdansk for the Spain game


Although the matches were s*** I didn't give a damn - the people of Poland made the experience a fantastic one.


I went there knowing little about the country - I was slightly apprehensive about what I was going to find and what the people would be like.


I was completely blown away by the hospitality shown to the fans by the people of Poznan and Gdansk - they could not do enough for you - if they didn't understand you they would call an english speaking friend on their mobiles and ask them to help you - I had a girl get off the bus she was travelling and show us to our hotel and she wouldn't accept anything for her time. Absolutely brilliant people.


Poznan's old square is a place I will remember til the day I die - the craic was unreal - we mingled with Croatians, Poles, English, Germans, Dutch and Italians and drank the place dry - the beer was spot on and the cost was next to nothing - we got 5 0.5L glasses of Carlsberg draught for 35 zlotty which is about 5 quid in Sterling - food was fantastic and cheap also. This is even without getting to how fine the women were in that city!


I will definitely go back and visit Poznan and Sopot again and recommend it to anyone who wants a weekend on cheap ale.

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