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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Oh no, I did it...

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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50k Fall fans (a comp :D )


now I just need slippers...


And f*** off - Murph only buys K-Tel stuff and ones that are advertised on telly as "You can't buy this in shops..."


Compliations albums are the next rung on the ladder though.


Murph has a fine collection of James Last box sets and Top Of The Pops albums.

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:lol: ToTP


And 'Now' LPs, probably has them all, and in order on the shelf...



Kurious Oranj next I think


I recently bought that on CD after having had, and not listened to, the vinyl for donkeys. It's not great, about 3 decent tracks on it, not up there with the best.


Your choice of course but not where I'd choose to start on the special stuff (Mr.Briss).

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That's it - I think the problem is that it's an album that is a the soundtrack to a stage show/ballet so you feel like you're missing half the content, it does feel; light-weight compared to some of the other stuff from that period. the stand out tracks ironically make it feel even more like that.


My top five would be (inpo):


This Nations's Saving Grace

Wonderful and Frightening World of


Hex Enduction Hour



(those first two are nearest the Kurious ball park)


Though Slates, Perverted By Language, Bend Sinister, Country On The Click are all worth a gander.

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