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Stevie H


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  1. 1. What should Duncan's punishment be?

    • 1 day suspension
    • 2 day suspension
    • 3 day suspension
    • 7 day suspension
    • Loss of ability to post until the end of season 7 of Dexter (UK release)

This poll is closed to new votes

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well he's given away the climax to the season finale episode, if that can be done justice by 'dropping a b******'.


he needs a mod who has a) either seen all of season 6 and knows the ending or b) who hasn't seen it and doesn't really care.

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Did it get better after Season 2. Thought Season 1 was really good but 2 lost me. Have season 3 unopened

3 was pretty good if memory serves. while 4 was absolutely brilliant. 5 and 6 not bad. worth a go if you've nothing else to watch.

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