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Nigel Farage

Spion kop

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Doing his monthly rant in the EU parliament, it would be funny if he wasn't consistenly proved correct.




I do wonder where this is all going, does Germany bite the bullet and pay for the rest while taking effective control of their fiscal policies, or do they let it all burn.

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Not a fan of Nigel's but he nails it pretty well!


Germany will come off the top - they won't bail out Europe as no-one can. And Merkel hasn't the support in Parliament, electorate or from the Bundesbank to print. Germany will have a plan B even if no-one else does and it will be in the interests of the Germans.

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North and south if they want to keep it


Nuro and Suro, let them float free for a start. but before that a large scale default is needed so the orgy of the Euro is purged and the lenders who went over the top have to pay for it, and the borrowers have to wake up to living without a cheap credit line. This current dance is looking like a lot of posturing before people believe Germany pays, Not sure they can, even if they want to, and they don't. Post reunification Germany took the decisions on wages and general competitiveness others have not bothered with, and have run the other way, downhill easy street, they just have to get it together now either under the largesse of the Germans or out in the open.

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