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Chrome - problems?

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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I moved onto Chrome a few weeks ago as FF is taking days to refresh but today it's gone f***ing mental, about half of the sites I use - the Guardian, Gmail etc don't respond and then after an age I et an unresponsive message.


Anyone else having trouble?


Java & hammer options have been exhausted at this point

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Excellent. Do you remember what plugin it was? If not, enter about:plugins in your address bar and see if there's a name that you recognize.



If you don't, browse to 'Flash' and see if it has a number next to it (2)/(3) and if yes, click on (+) details on the right hand column and disable one version of flash at a time, then restart chrome and see if alls well. If not, play with the combination. That said, the first flash you disable should be the one that has the location \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\.. That is Chrome internal version of Flash and it conflicts a lot with Adobe's product, leading to Chrome f***ing up big time.


Else, just grab the name of the plugin that is causing chrome to crash when it crashes the next time and we can work with that.

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