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I'm loving their Euro 2012 reports at the moment - a whole half hour dedicated, at the exclusion of everything else, to a tournament they have no rights to.

Had been hoping for some of their still images, made famous at previous tournaments, but alas nothing so far.

What we do have, though, is their pundits prediction league :yes:

We have team "news". Torres or Llorente could start for Spain. Equally, they could both be on the bench, but hey, Sky's never been one to distinguish between fact and conjecture.

We have their reporters live from outside the grounds. Getting instant reaction from pissed fans looking for a pub.

We have Andy Burton with the Ireland team, with a face like a man who's just realised he came last and has got to eat the biscuit. I know you're getting canned, Andy lad, but try and be professional, eh? Oh, right...


And we get about six of these a day :woohoo:


And all this before the transfer window opens. We're in for a great summer...

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