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Motorway Driving.


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Last night. On the M6, doing a comfortable 75mph (I know, I know) in the middle lane, a f***ing motorhome on the inside lane ahead of me, slightly held up by another vehicle doing maybe 65 indicates and immediately pulls out (I mean it's within half a second) causing me to brake hard then pull out to the outside lane (very quick mirror check), otherwise an accident, no question. Me, wife and 4 year old would have been f***ed if anyone was in the outside lane as I had nowhere to go. c***.


Then today, M6, M40 - loads of similar instances with Artic's, Cars etc... Lower speeds, but much worse driving conditions.


I thought indicating was meant to show an intention to move out, when it is safe to do so, not an 'I've f***ing indicated, I am pulling out right NOW, and if you rear end me at 75/80 and cause a massive f***ing accident, it is your fault'?


It happened so much I'm seriously doubting if I'm the one in the wrong?

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