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Twitter wars

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Anyone know what this is about


Stuart Rowson‏@StuartRowson So Chelsea set to appoint Roberto Di Matteo - @BenSmithBBC strikes again after excellent coverage of Liverpool manager saga #bbcfootball


Martin Lipton‏@MartinLipton @StuartRowson He did brilliantly on Ferdinand omission from Eng Euro 2012 squad. Oh, no, that was in newspapers too


Ben Smith‏@BenSmithBBC @MartinLipton @stuartrowson everything ok Martin?


Martin Lipton‏@MartinLipton @bensmithbbc @stuartrowson Yes. I'm not a fraudster


Ben Smith‏@BenSmithBBC @MartinLipton @stuartrowson hmm. That's quite something to say about another journalist, Martin. Especially one you don't know.


Martin Lipton‏@MartinLipton @bensmithbbc @stuartrowson I have integrity. You can answer for yourself


Stulikesdrums‏@Stulikesdrums @MartinLipton @bensmithbbc @stuartrowson You're just coming off as bitter, Martin.


Martin Lipton‏@MartinLipton @stulikesdrums @bensmithbbc @stuartrowson No. Just had enough of people claiming credit for work others have done (and not my work)

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