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I witnessed a bank robbery this arvo

charlie clown

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Driving through the sunny and genteel centre of my local village this afternoon only to see some mad bandit in a high-vis vest and neon pink(!) stocking over his head trying to stove in the door of the Natwest using a sledgehammer. Have-a-go heros a-plenty, police rolling in slow but sure, me in the motor stuck in the middle of it all, got waved through by the police after the get-away car steamed off knockin a few fellas over, I gave chase but got held up by some old dear in a Yaris. Surreal.

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Matty & Ed, exactly so - police station 20 yards across the square, all the fellas steaming in to stop the robbers were trying to to get the coppers involved and they were just ambling over like theyd been woken up from a particularly long and arduous sleep.

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