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Brendan Rodgers - New Liverpool Manager Barnsey_10 is a t**


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As posted in the poll thread about BR and LVG




If this is true then I am actually really excited about the set up. I have been reading all the articles flying around and I am really warming to BR. His philosophy sounds spot on to me but it is another thing implementing it successfully. I think with LVG on board we will see his experience helping to nurture the raw talent I think BR has got.


My preference was Rafa to be honest but there would have been no guarantees there either. Whether this proves to be a success or not, I'm pleased we are trying something exciting rather than going through the motions. Hopefully everyone will get behind the team through good and bad times this coming season. For me it is easy to be a fan of something that is good, but much more important for us to be supporters. i.e. support the club through hardship and we will be rewarded with glory.

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