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Car insurance dispute

Hieronymus Bosch

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Some plonker rammed into our car the other day. My other half and the kids were driving along a main road and they (there were two of them) pulled out of a drive, clearly without looking.


It was clearly their fault (the damage to our car, I would have assumed, indicates this) and they apologised afterwards (though there were no independent witnesses, who stopped at least). However, they are now contesting liability, God knows on what grounds.


Does anyone know what happens next? Do the insurance companies usually reach a decision themselves based on the respective statements? Does it go straight to arbitration? Does it often go to court? Will the fact that we had the right of way count for much if the two of them make up a c**k-and-bull story (can't think what they could say, to be honest, but they've obviously got something up their sleeve).


Cheers all.

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