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I'm looking for something that can grow quickly, capable of ideally covering both a wall and a concrete pavement - its at the side of the house, gets plenty of sunlight and needs to be evergreen, if it eats/kills everything around it thats a bonus. Some kind of Ivy plant I guess but not being green-fingered I havent a clue what to look for other than 'ivy'.


Any gardeners on the site who could recommend a specific plant for this type of scenario? The concreted area is prone to weeds as it currently covered by crappy paving and the wall is just a bonus if its covered so floor growing plants are acceptable too. Must be an evergreen plant though. My limited gardening knowledge leads me to believe that May might be too late in the year to start planting this type of thing so advice on timing would be helpful too - should I wait until say October or March to do this?


Help please if you can!

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