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Anyone ever started a Tenant's association


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I moved into a house on a new build estate a few years back.


The estate is now nearing completion and as such a management company (Trinity Estates) with a reputation for being c*nts has taken over the management of the communal areas - basically the roads in our case.


One of the concerns over the last year was the way the developer had subtly adjusted their plans which had involved building more houses on the development. They;re building 4 bed houses but only providing 1 parking space with the inevitable result that many people park on the road.


This isn't a huge problem but sometimes it gets stupid (blocked drives or even a blocked road when the binmen come round). Sometimes it's because the owner is lazy (can't be arsed to use their space) but mostly it's a result of s**** planning.


The problem is the management company have now said as they've had some complaints, they will introduce ticketing on the estate, so anyone parking on the road (regardless of whether it is an issue or not) could get ticketed.


What's f*cked me off is this high handed letter came though after no consultation or warning from the company, just that this is what they were going to do (and no doubt charge is for) and that was that.


I'm pretty sure they can't do that without consultation, especially when the estate isn't completed yet (with the result that some parking is not yet available and often the issues are caused by contractors).


Anyone had to deal with this sort of issue?

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