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Skyfall trailer


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not sure on his stance as a Liverpool fan but I did some work with him once and he wasn't exactly pleasant


he did sound like a proper knob when he was talking about the remake of GWTDT with Simon Mayo

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And then takes full credit for the film


At the Premiere :


" So, JT, what did you think of the film "

" Incredible. Wonderful performance from the lads, everyone who worked behind the scenes. Amazing experience. And it just goes to show you, after the last time with all the problems and setbacks, that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. I feel very praaad "

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any word on who is doing the theme song?


i must be one of the few people who liked the last one. think it got pretty universally panned.

Bet it's Adele.


I liked the last one, though understand the criticism. Bond shouldn't be travelling around dustbowls, he should be at casinos, parties and sw***y hotels.

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