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Sea fishing

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Used to do a bit of this.


I take it you have a reel - what sort of line? Used to go jigging for mackerel with a set of feathers(weighted) - dead easy, you could use a hand line if you wanted.

Kids will love it. I never lost the delight at seeing 3 or 4 of them breaking through the water. Lovely colouring and easy to bone and cook.

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Bought my lad a sea fishing rod and some lures, but I've no idea about the sport?


What stuff would I need to get?



the most important thing you need is patience.


I did the beach fishing thing a couple of years back on the Florida Gulf coast, up at some ungodly hour and we sat/stood for hours.


my personal requirement is a good pair of gloves so you don't stink of fishbait when you're done.

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I used to have a speedboat


kept it in Anglesy. we went mackrel fishing and caught nothing. We're the only people ever to manage that.

But we got hammered though.



boat had a boss stereo - it was like that scene in Apocalypse Now

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Do you know the way the sea meets land? Apparently one can stand on a beach or rocks and cast into the water from there. Quite handy really.

That's called shore or beach fishing, sounds like you've bought the wrong rod.

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I took the kids out last year. There is a boat that leaves from Bangor, its good craic and you will catch something.


The boat costs a bloody fortune now though.


If you're fishing off the pier for mackeral all you need are a rod and a couple of traces complete with weights. Forget about the beach fishing as that's a waste of time in NI.


If you're just taking the wee'un down (I don't know how old your son is) you may prefer to just catch the local blinnies or blochin (sp?). Much easier for the youngsters as it doesn't require constant casting and reeling in. In which case you'll need some floats, hooks, weights, a bit of elastic, some beads and a dead mackeral for bait. Get a crab line too and buck the mackeral head in to catch crabs while you're waiting. I did this off Carrick harbour with my wee lad and he had as much fun doing that as the fishing.

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saw some guys fishing on a beach today, they were catching sharks mostly, little ones of course. some other weird looking fish as well.


chatted with one of them, and he was telling me about the 1000 pound plus fish that the charter boats go after on the north end of the island. million dollar boats and big crews do all the work for the mega rich.

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You always get snags when fishing from rocks


You need decent weight on the end of the line to keep control


If you are after mackerel or pollock you should use weighted spinners with a tri hook


Rock fishing is good craic but you are best getting out onto a boat and you can fish with feather traces and catch mackerel 6 at a time.

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We were fishing off the rocks in Helen's Bay, but the line kept snagging and getting wired up around the reel. Crap line or crap fisherman?


How can I stop that happening? Do I invest in a decent line?


What's the biz with the elastic?


A good way to reduce line springing off and tangling itself is to detatch the spool (with line still on) and leave it in a bucket of water overnight. If it's monofilament line then it absorbs water making it more supple and less prone to coiling. Using a swivel on the line can also help as it allows the lure/hook to rotate without twisting your mainline.


I think elastic is just used for pole fishing. Not tried sea fishing but i lure fish for pike and coarse fish with floats and feeders and have never seen elastic used other than the pole fishermen.

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