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Added on time....CL final 2007


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Was out for lunch and the 2007 was being shown on TV. Being the sadist that I am, I watched the last 15mins. Inzaghi scores to put them 2-0 up in the 81st IIRC. Around 1min time wasted for that celebration alone. 2-3 subs before the end of the game and 3 mins are added on. 4 would have been more correct but forget that.........


During added on time Milan make another sub, so 30 secs should have been added on i.e. 93mins 30 secs in all. The ref blew his whistle with 92mins 43 secs on the clock. I was livid once again....... :angry:

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worse CL stadium to go for the match.. It was a f***in joke..

Yup... I paid £1200 for a ticket to sit in with the Milan lot... Not got the best of memories...


But thankfully due to the s***ness of the stadium I managed to get into the neutral section with ease

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It was my 40th birthday & I didn't go to Istanbul.


I was completely wired & in the Greek FA section.


I was being filmed on mobile phones whilst standing on my seat singing YNWA before kick off with tears streaming down my face.


Everything else that happened is bunkum.

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