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New manager


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  1. 1. Who would you like to be the new manager?

    • Rafael Benitez
    • Andre Villas Boas
    • Klopp
    • Capello
    • Martinez
    • Allardyce
    • Other (Please Specify)

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Glad we've got a New Manager thread, think the Kenny one should stay about Kenny or be closed now there is a thank you Kenny one. Was going to suggest it but didn't want to come over all wannabe mod.


I'm kinda tempted to f*** anyone off who posts in the Kenny thread about the Chelsea f***ing physio

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Want Rafa but don't think it would happen, I've voted that way though.


Klopp would be interesting but I said as soon as AVB got sacked from Chelsea that I thought he'd end up here this summer and I don't see that changing. He's exactly the kind of manager they want.

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Not me, guv.


I'd rather have Rafa but I'm starting to accept that won't happen, so I went with AVB.


I've decided the ITK's have been told it's Rafa and are saying he hasn't been approached so the odds keep getting longer before they put their bets down.


Or maybe not.




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Not about what you think will happen tho' is it?


Fair enough but voting for, say, Klopp would be pointless as it's clearly not going to happen.


AVB is who I want out of the, we are lead to believe, realistic candidates.

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