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Thank You Kenny Dalglish


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Deserves its own space, away from debates over individuals who, albeit decent human beings, are not in the same category of my affection as one Kenny Dalglish.


Deserves to be thanked for the joy he gave me as a player. For really making the #7 special. For winning goals in European cup finals and on the last day of the season at Stamford Bridge. For winning the double and producing one of the most exciting teams in the whole of history. For my glee for the man when he lost at Anfield and yet still won the league. for the way he never, ever, ever, never, bad mouthed this club, its staff or players ever in the media. For wanting to put smiles on people's faces. For making me as excited as a 10 year old when I heard he was our manager again. For adding another trophy to his legend. For being, quite simply, the greatest player in our history. For being up there with Shanks in terms of his identity with who we are. For being...


Kenny Dalglish


Thank you

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