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Season review

Billy Dane

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Kenny won us another trophy


Downing needs to be sold asap


Carra needs to retire with our thanks for a great career


Big summer for FSG to demonstrate their intentions.


and well done City for letting United think they had won the league and then snatching it back. ;)

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first half of the season we looked as good as anything in the division

second half we looked as bad as anything out there


The cups showed there's a lot of great character there, the league showed there's nowhere near enough.


The vice-captaincy is obviously going to be a new issue, it'll be interesting where the responsibility falls.

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Worst home record in recent memory, 14 games lost in total

Got stiched up by the FA and taken to the fvckin cleaners by the fvckin Mancs lovies in the press


Carra - legs have gone

Win Cup

Lose Cup

Downing is as spineless a human being this side of the Tory Party

Big Andy showing in the end he can be a fvckin beast

Adam proving that he really is out of his depth

A player in Henderson, but too much on the lads shoulders this season

Lucas, massive miss, along with Gerrard.

Nothing, nowt, didly squat, zip on the stadium

Clear out, with Comolli being found out.

Kenny, in my heart want him to stay, but I just think he’s going to be moved on for someone else.

Next season players with pace, ability to beat someone, and have the ability to firkin score. Please

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We signed a plethora of players who weren't good enough

The players we had who are good enough didn't perform

The manager lost his way after the turn of the year

tl;dr - We probably have the worst playing staff the club has seen in 60 years.

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They were very quick to get this news out. Keep getting the feeling that the club have a number of decisions made and plans in place. We'll find out soon enough.


I agree re getting the news out re ticket prices, but its yet to be seen whether they have a "master plan" in place which is going to all be revealed over the next week or so. I hope so but I have my doubts (as alot of people do).


I expect the ticket price announcment was always planned due to how bad we have been this season.

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highlights -


The winner in the semi

Gerrard's first in the derby

Lucas's tackle on Toure




All of the most toxic story in the history of football, every bit of it, the feckin lot

Lucas's injury

Van Persie's winner

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