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Luis Suarez is f***ing Boss


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he's much better than that


even my non-LFC supporting fans, even the ones who hate us, all concede that he's f***ing amazing.


Was talking to a mate I play footy with after our game on Monday, he's a mag & hates us, way more than he hates the Mancs - weird f***** - and was going on and on about Suarez being horrible etc etc, I didn't bite - I just said "hell of a player", he just laughed & conceded that he loves watching him play.


He's broken the LFC #7 jinx

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I love Luis Suarez. Cannot wait for him to have this horrendous season behind him and see him skinning defenders next season.


Eat dirt Evra, as Luis leaves you in his wake.

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When Barnes got the ball you sat forward or stood up in anticipation - something special could be on the way. Whilst not as silky smooth as Barnes, Suarez makes you feel the same way. As soon as he gets the ball and faces a defender you hold your breath and lean forward.

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Was it my imagination but more or less the last kick of the game on tues was Luis hoofing the ball into the Chelsea net from about the halfway line when the ball had gone out of play?


Not quite the halfway line, but still a hell of a strike. Just after the whistle had blown for a freekick.


Great player. I also like the way he clobbered Ivanovic the other night. Needs to be a bit careful with that though

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