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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

John Cooper Clarke

charlie clown

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We walked out tentacle in hand you could tell that the earthlings wouldn't understand they went nudge nudge when we got on the bus, said 'it's extraterrestial, not like us, I mean it's bad enough with another race but f*ck me, a monster from outer space???'

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'letter to Fiesta'


“...I was on my way from a fairly dull orgy last good friday, where I got friendly with a bisexual nurse and her rather overbearing partner. A f*** was out of the question so they w***ed me off six times on the trot.

...It was ten years since I had come and my balls ached for the relief of orgasm. The bus conductress was fifty-five. To cut a long story short, my right hand explored the slippery precincts of her vulva and gallons upon gallons of hot jism streamed past the satin creases of her handbag.”

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I saw most of this last night. Was quite enjoyable, although some of the talking heads were a bit annoying.


Think I could live without Plan B's views on anything.


And what did Alex Turner come as?

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