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Here you go Gilps.


About start of A Feast for Crows:



Really liked how this has started. I'm about 175 pages in. Really refreshing going to different places (Dorne, following Brienne etc.) and really enjoying it. Even if I do feel as though this is happening within the context of the smaller story, rather than the larger narrative (R'hllor vs Other)


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Haha. The book thread. It had to come.


Glad you're enjoying it. It is all good stuff. I think a lot of that book's bad rep from long term readers is that having waited for so long after the publication of Swords, they got a next installment that was incomplete due to split of characters/locations between it and ADWD. It ended up being over 10 years between ASOS and ADWD, which was a long time to wait to find out what was happening to those characters not featured in AFFC.


I like all the stuff in Dorne too. Although the introduction of yet more cast members and plot strands might have seemed too much, I think the Martells add a lot. As do the Tyrells, who are fascinating - not least because because they're the one major faction within the seven kingdoms for who we've never had any POV characters. I don't think that's accidental, I'm sure Martin is keeping their motivatiions hidden from the reader for good reason.


It's an intersting point about all the politics of the seven kingdoms seeming to be a small story compared to the external threats to the kingdoms. Whilst the inevitable invasion from the north is clearly going to part of the climax of the saga, it has to be more complex than that so as not to render 2/3rds of the books' contents largely irrelevant. Similarly, if the story was just going to end as Dany and her Dragons return to Westeros to save the kingdoms from the others, you wouldn't spend many years and thousands of pages detailing those who struggled for the throne before she arrived. Would you?

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The complete absense of anything approaching a life will free up a fair amount of time it seems.

Once you've finished checking your followers on twitter and noting any anomalies you've barely enough time for one Lego castle, let alone a Ferris wheel.

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Hard to tell at this point but it seems that you could go for quite a bit in the book while adding nothing to the storyline. Contrast to something like Lord of the Rings where I couldn't wait to read the next sentence, here I could skim whole pages and still feel like I've missed nothing. The whole plot line with Brienne is case in point. She may have some role that I have yet to see but her character development is painfully dull.

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