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Stanley Leisure

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Following on from this discussion:




Post any examples of "banta" you come across here.


Whether it's Phil Tufnell telling Matt Dawson it's his round on Question of Sport, or some lad wearing a T Shirt that says "Pussy Hunter", it all counts.


Post the best examples here and I will collate and release them in a small, stocking- filler book in time for Christmas - you absolute LEGENDS.

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Did banter become banta because it seems to emphasise the southern c***ishness of the word?


I approve I think I'm just wondering why the change.

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no offence to any southern intended
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Bantaman would well be the crispiest superhero eva!


He could reduce his enemies to sobbing shells of people, with his legendary banta and knowledge of Soccer AM and Nuts magazine.


Props Legend.

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Housemates boyfriend came in from the other day and replied to the question "how was uni?" with the phrase "quality bantz". I walked off immediately.



I bet Lovejoy and Rimmer do an FA cup final special of their really s*** programme. The Banta on that is gonna be props mental.


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