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Our Old Friend Steven Cohen


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Maybe when those who died get justice and their families get justice this issue of football can be addressed, frankly I think LFC shouldnt play on that date but to play on the 15th now would be akin to glossing over the tragedy when no acceptable outcome has been reached. The club is making a stand that LFC do not play on that date out of respect for those who died. Personally I dont want LFC to play on the 15th regardless of what outcome happens.


Cohens view is idiotic but not unexpected (edit given his previous on this and his articles from years gone by, I'm not going to dig them up but that and his radio nonsense give light to the man and his motives), maybe the whole 'justice for the 96' campaign is lost on him and he fails to see why its still an issue, if he doesnt get the significance of the date and the ongoing campaign for justice then more shame on him.


editted to remove a misworded quote from the article and other changes that I was too riled to write correctly first time around

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they (him and the likes of Davies) just don't get it.. Liverpool have never played on the 15th.. 23 years on it's only become an issue for one reason and one reason only - not our insistence on not playing on the 15th but the f*** up that is the FA not seeing sense in moving the ties to be played on the same day (the Saturday) at say Old Trafford and Wembley..


doing this would have solved all "problems" for these no-marks.. in turn the FA would be giving fans of Liverpool & Everton an easier journey (even more so considering the ridiculous time it kicked off at Wembley) and then Chelsea & Spurs a normal kick off time after ours had finished.. if the FA had done this then there would have been no issue.. blame the FA for being unable to organise their own competition properly - don't blame Liverpool for something they've done for the last 23 years just cos you didnt get your own way this once..


it's f***ing stupid this.. c**** the lot of them..

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