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Do you support the England football team?


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  1. 1. Do you support England?

    • Yes, I support them wholeheartedly
    • No, don't support them at all
    • I don't actively support them but they are my preferred international team

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Support the FA's team? f*** off




There can be no argument against that.



Mate said on Sunday he was starting a non carbohydrate diet starting yesterday. Reminded him the Cup Final was next week, the season finishes in two weeks and that beer has carbs in it. Soon changed his tune but the daft fekker then said, ' What about the Euros ?"


f*** the FA and f*** their s***ty team was my immmediate response.

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I'm torn. There's generally 5 or 6 players i f*cking detest, I hate the FA and I hate England fans at large.Wembley is a total piss take and I wouldn't pay to watch England.


However. There's a few reds that play, there's a few players that don't nause me off off big time, like Jo Hart, Mika Richards,Lampard believe it or not, a few more and I didn't mind Capello. It's the country of my birth if not my ancestry so yeah, I'll support England but with about 5% of the passion I have for our real love of course.

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The 4th question should be:


Do you hope England do well up until the Semi-Finals, then get absolutely tanked by Germany so the English media don't push for knighthoods for all, right down to the last idiot to climb the podium, who deserves his medal cos he came on as a sub in the 94th minute against the Faroe Islands in a qualifier in the very early stages of the competition, then we can all laugh at them, especially as they have a racist thug as captain and; as such; he can't be touched, cos he's a geezer in 'e 'arry, eh?


Possibly. Just a suggestion like.

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