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Floorstanding Speakers


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I've got an option to buy a set of Roth Oli 30 speakeres on the cheap, about £180 - anyone have Roths or can pass comment on their performance?


I'm looking for a setup in a home cinema way as opposed to a muso focussing on the finer details.


As an aside I have a pair of modaunt short floorstanders one of which has a damaged speaker - middle is punctured - burst some time back due to er high volume!, would these still be okay for rear speakers? The sound is a bit rattly when audio comes through them as fronts eg when music plays in a film but I'm hoping they can do a job as rears, does a lot of audio go through rear speakers in DVDs? I looked at getting them repaired some time back but google/local shops couldnt help without the cost being around £100

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There's going to be much better advice than mine hopefully but I think to really benefit from having rear speakers you need whatever you're playing to do 5.1 so that you're able to discern the stuff that's sent down the channels. I don't know whether using a set of speakers without a cone or w/e has bust as the two rear standers is going to be much benefit. I generally think that repairs are often a false economy so take this fwiw which is prob not much


I'm looking at the Roth Oli 30's and they seem ok they deliver down to 45hz which is usually low enough esp for home cinema but if you're looking at a 5.1 then you are going to have a sub delivering the stuff below about 80hz.

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I think having a damaged speaker will take away from the overall quality of your setup. Vic has explained it in better detail. I would advise on a wee trip to richer sounds, great advice, great prices and a good excuse to play with man toys

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I don't think floor standers would make good rears to be honest especially if one of them is damaged. Think you would be better off with some bookshelf speakers.


The front three speakers should all be the same range but you can get away with having different rears particarly if you have something multidirectional like mine.


Ive got monitor audio bronze front and rear but the rears are brfx's which disperse the sound. You still get directional sound but its a much wider sound. They are much easier to match with other speaker brands.


Mine are a few years old now but the current model is the bxfx I think.


Just on what Swan Red said about bass, you can get away without a sub if you have a good pair of floor standers at the front which can deliver it well enough. I don't have a sub but my br5s can deliver a good thump.

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What do people do with the cables in a home cinema setup?


Are there decent wireless setups?


Run them under carpets, flooring if you can. I moved into a new house which already had a wooden floor which meant I couldn't do this so I bought a load of decorative trunking and ran it around the room on top of the skirting board. You can hardly notice its there.

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