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Horror/Scray filims

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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what's the one (or what are the ones) that have s*** you up the most?


Obviously we need a bunch of categories because a Freddy filim is more gore than something like the Omen for example, others just make you jump out of your seat. And I suppose to some people suspense can be like horror because it's got you wired...


One that sticks in my mind is a Korean one - The Audition - nowt happens for an hour, REALLY boring, and the last 30 or so mins are mindbending. Not in a slasher way although there are a couple of grim bits

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Jaws- i watched it in a local hall with fold away seats. When the head fell out, a woman behind me screamed and kicked my seat which then collapsed. Scary


Aliens- the first time i ever took mushies i watched this. Ate a hole in my jumper and kicked my mates dog when it came into the room


Now i cant watch anything scary at all, i switched Pitch Black off when it got dark!!!!

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I cant watch a lot of horror, it does exactly what it's designed too and I'm not sure I enjoy that much fear. Its all being held captive and tortured these days.

Wolf creek.

28 days and 28 weeks later.


For ages the thought of that caterpillar film made me feel physically sick. If it was mentioned on here and I thought about the trailer I would feel nauseous.


Simmilar moment in a film was the silence of the lambs sequel when he cuts open the guys head and feeds him a bit of brain while he's talking to him. Very silly, particularly by modern horror standards but just got to me for some reason.

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This is totally my bag - the only recent film that has left me with the uncomfortable lasting feeling is 1408 but the changeling with George C Scott scared me, film now cash in on cheap thrills instead of the slow building shock but that is down to post modernism in horror. Self awareness means the genre will never be the same it's not believable to not be aware of the rules of horror. In the 70s people were naive and unsuspecting but now that's not true

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Argento's Opera got me when i was about 18.

The scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre where he puts her on the hook

Omen when i was younger.

Opening scene of Scream.

The Thing ( original )



Don't understand how the Exorcist could scare anyone.


scared the s*** out of me the first time i saw it

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Rec f***ed me up first time I saw it.


Loved Rec:


for a change the hand held cam made sense in that film, unlike films like cloverfield


another recent film horror film that I enjoyed was the loved ones, a mad aussie film

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For sheer creeping dread and atmosphere I still think you still can't beat the old B&W film The Haunting from about 1960 (made by the same director, Robert Wise, who made Mary Poppins :wacko: )


The most wince-making thing I've seen is the final fifteen minutes of the Japanese horro flick Audition.


And also from Japan - Ju-on The Grudge is fantastically malevolant.

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Jaws never did that for me - good as it is - not in the 'I'm going to have nightmares', or 'I've got to turn this off in a minute' way


For me it's not nightmares or anything like that. It's now swimming in the sea. No sooner am I in the water, than; bam. Jaws pops straight into my head. Becomes quite difficult to then want to continue swimming in the sea.

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Love horror films. Few scare me though.


The Exorcist is brilliant. Found it very creepy - though it has to be taken seriously.


REC is brilliant. The bit at the end with the "thing" - when it suddenly jerks forward - is brilliant. Same sort of thing as the scene in The Descent when the creature is first revealed.


Audition is good, Wolf Creek is horrible. Really hard to watch.

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