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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

King shoots elephant

New York Red

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He's the honorary president of the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund.



He should be imprisoned for shooting that elephant ( if he did )


How do you know it wasn't part of an organized cull?


Be careful jumping on a bandwagon unless you're an expert

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The Genny has been a good place to be today. A spat with Hafler, Man vs Beast, Sion's continued food atrocities and Molby's Zombie Island the cherry on the cake.


f*** all work done like.





Oyyyyy it was me with the zombies. Molby just brought an island into it. A f***ing island.


An island is nothing without zombies. Nothing !




PS that Spanish bloke is a total c*** and looks a bit like a zombie himself, the c***. In short, he's a c***. The biggest c*** since Peter Cook and Dudley Moore discussed c****.

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ooh, just thought: would finally have a realistic application for jet packs if the Zombie apocalypse comes to pass




edit: 2 posts in 2 seperate threads (neither about zombies) ...about zombies - surely I win that fiver

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The double decker bus was fecking genius as well. Based on the mistaken premise that Zombies can't climb stairs but still great thinking outside the box.




Sheer genius that was from Buzz.


He should quite literally be made our new DoF based on that alone.

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