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f*** OFF ROY


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It's odd that Sammy Lee is so closely associated with Roy: He was around under Rafa and survived that cull. Arguably a great servant of the club and all that but never once inspiring the feeling that he was actually any good

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Better Luis. Wasn't it Luis that Woy didn't rate/want?


it was something like "they're not players that we're interested in" about Suarez and Ronaldinho


and then went on for 20 minutes talking about Ashely young


Hodgson For England!


any chance that this will get chanted around the ground

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At the advance press conference will he write us or Fulham off? I just can't quite figure that one out!

hehe. "well, i seem to have to manage two sets of expectations today and of course as one of my old mentors always told me you can't please all of the people all of the time".

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I wouldn't make this about Woy, we need the points and we've been poo at home. I suspect the crowd will give him a decent reception anyway.



Kelly Skrts Agger Johno

Downing Gerro Speo Bellers

Suarez Carroll


He'll probably get largely ignored, maybe a couple of boos. Deserves a load of abuse though. I'll probably give him a some, he has that effect on me.

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There'll not be many boos, if any. He'll get a fun "Hodgson for England" if (big IF) they go 3 or 4 down but so would 'Arry. And he'll get a few "**** off Hodgson" shouts if he's strutting his stuff on the touchline. There'll be some extra spice in the "Dalglish!" chants though.


If he doesn't throw his coat down before meekly picking it up again i'm gonna demand my money back.


**** off Purslow.

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