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Epic Swindle

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He is not even the best defender at the club ;)


But my word how he has improved and he has been immense this season (not quite as immense when paired with Carra mind).


Him and Agger should be our 1st choice centre backs when fit, f*** this Agger at left back nonsense, we have a very good left back as it is and it almost completely back fired.

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I think skrtel flatters to deceive a bit.


Don't get me wrong, he has delivered some majestic performances this season and his parnership with Agger is terrific, but I think it's the 'majestic' part that might deceive a bit.


He hasn't looked nearly as comfortable without Agger next to him who for my money's worth is our most important defender. Doesn't stand out as much, but his composure, positioning and understated leadership at the back is to me the most vital components of our defence, nevermind his superior ability on the ball.

Skrtel has upped his consistency and found a remarkable top level to his game but he hasn't quite shaken his bottomlevel troubles yet (though vastly improved in that regard on last season) which is an important part of being a defender.

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he's not average, he's very good, one of the best in the league


he's been out of form of late though



is he b******s


Honestly, people spout some shyte on here sometimes.


Yeah, he is a numbskull, but he's still one of the top 4 LBs in the league. I mean, CLEARLY one of the top LBs too, not just a little bit.

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