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Kindle Fire or Ipad2

Farmer's Tan

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There's a huge difference between the two.


If reading and surfing the web, checking email, is really all you think you'll need it for, get the Kindle.


If you like spending money on apps, and like all that apps bring to the table, get the iPad 2.

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Is Kindle fire in colour? Wife has the basic Kindle and that's black and white only and other than reading books seems to be fairly inflexible.


Yes - Kindle Fire is colour. It's also smaller screen than the ipad (which is part of the reason it's cheaper). I think ipad's are just beautifully made machines, and because they've been around longer, there's more apps. Basic Kindle was pretty much only an e-reader, whereas the Kindle Fire is a full function tablet. But if money isn't an issue, go for the ipad...

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