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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

I'm very porud to be Welsh

New York Red

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Is not really fancying his countrywomen evidence that NYR is a self-hating Welshman?


nah but this is:


There are no such countries as England, Wales etc. The united nations recognises it as the United Kingdom. This principle should be applied for the World Cup too. It would be outrageous if California participated on its own
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nah but this is:


1. You are incredibly strange. I sometimes wonder if you are a stalker.

2. I'm factually correct. Until the UK is broken up, I do think there needs to be consistency. Why should the British Isles be so different?

3. I still can't figure out how some of those women are on the list. Wales is much better than that.

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The Football Association of Wales is the third oldest national association in the world and its national team was playing matches 30 odd years before FIFA even existed. If you could say anything remotely similar about California, you might have the beginning of a point. But you can't, you massive England supporting weirdo.

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The bird in the gym photo is ridiculously fit. As I was going through the slideshow, I eneded up laughing out loud at the seemingly endless string of munters on display. There were about 2 or 3 above average, 50% about average and the rest I wouldn't touch with yours.

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel.




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