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Blackburn away

Epic Swindle

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Can't raise the enthusiasm to reflect on today, just another s*** result in the midst of a s*** league season. And on we go to f***ing Blackburn away. Never liked this fixture but with Agger and Bellers back I feel a bit more confident going into it. I'd like to see Sterling at some point aswell. If the season is going to peter out I want the youngsters getting a chance to impress.



Flanno Skrtel Agger Jose

Bellers Gerrard Speo Downing

Suarez Kuyt

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Are you going to watch this game?


Cheeky. On the telly so yeah.


Will be stunned if any of them bar a few can be arsed here, might aswell play Coady and co.


Semi place up for grabs. That said, they should have been putting a shift in every game if they were worried about not playing.


Say what you like about Charlie as well but he doesn't hide. Think we're missing him a bit.

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Should be loads rested for this. Dilemma is do you play Agger to give him game time or keep him out to avoid him getting injured.


No point in Downing,Henderson, Carroll etc playing as they will s*** out of everything to avoid injury and potential red cards. There's a semi final next weekend dontchaknow.

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Does anyone really care about this match? I mean really care. Can't be bothered at all myself.


I stil care but I know what you mean. I feel the same way watching us in the league now that I did during Hodgson's reign. I just expect the worst and can't get too upset when it unfolds.


It's really depressing.

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we need a thumping win to take in to the semi


now that we've avoided relegation and CL qualification and made the Europa league, I expect us to go out and play with total freedom, especially away from home


3-0 to us



Suarez, Henderson, Kuyt

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I can't make my mind up about the semi. With each passing s*** performance I worry about Everton finally doing us over, yet when I isolate the game and consider it, I just can't see them beating us in a semi at Wembley.


Think Blackburn will take points of us, mind.

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