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Step aside Liz Jones


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She's quite fit like, but you'd need to have some brass neck to write an article like that.



No chance!


She must come across as a right dirty ticket if she's tellin the truth about getting grief from all and sundry.

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A girl I know was having a ciggie outside her work and a fella bought her a £200 bunch of flowers from the florist next door and a vase. He'd never even spoken to her

So stuff like that does happen. She's off her head though

I like how her 'I didn't even do anything in work honest' comments fit in with her 'I use sex to get ahead in the workplace' articles she has done

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It reads like something out of The Onion

it's the mail's most deliberate hit-generator since the last jan moir piece. they are shameless c**** and yet we flock to their website to read what chris morris was doing ten years ago.

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Generated 1.5 million hits for Mail Online direct from Twitter links yesterday, apparently. So a job well done really. They've got this trolling the whole internet to generate revenue down to a fine art.


They really do.


High end journalism, eh.

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