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The Finishing Line


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(Yes I know it wasn't an official Public Information Film)


Does anybody remember it from the late 70's? I was reading about the closure of the department tasked with making public information films recently and remembered this short film vividly. It still has me worried every now and then when I stand on the platform at railway stations thirty+ years later.


It was the one where the school kids had a series of sporting events around and on the tracks and finished with them having a run through a tunnel. The train goes through the tunnel and you then see the adults going in and bringing mutilated bodies out and lying them next to the track. Horrible, bloody film.


Alexis Petridis mentions some of the PI films that scare him still in the Guardian today...amazing the impact they had. Even the not so scary ones like Clunk-Click and Alvin Stardust's road crossing safety lecture are still very fresh in my memory.

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Superman versus Nick O'Teen.




Link to the whole thing, you lazy t***:



I can't see the vids on my PC as they are blocked, but I can see them on my iPhone so I had a look at the videos there. I wasn't streaming all 20 minutes though so just watched that snippet to make sure it was what it said it was and posted that link.

I will now have nightmares for a week and won't be able to catch the train home tonight.

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