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Henry, Comolli, Transfer Policy

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Terrible spend in the transfer market is obviously one of the biggest factors in our demise. But what have Comolli and Henry had to say about it ? I had a quick look back.



Comolli - Spetember 2011


“Most of the players we got were our priorities or were in our top two priorities. We’ve done what we wanted to do and strengthened the positions we had to strengthen.


“We are very pleased with what we’ve done during this window and the previous one as well. For me it’s like a big window from January until August 31 and in total we brought in nine players. We changed the team and changed the squad.


“At the moment I would really struggle to say we need something there or something there because I think we have such a complete squad.




Comolli - This month (March 2012)


Liverpool's director of football Damien Comolli has warned Kenny Dalglish he won't be able to spend big in the transfer market this summer.


Dalglish brought in seven players last summer to add to the two, Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez, who were signed the previous January.


About £120million was invested in the squad, although almost £60million was recouped from departures, but Comolli does not anticipate there being major changes this time around.


It is early days. We will probably make some adjustments in the summer but nothing that we've done before,' he said.


'We signed nine players since Kenny came back so there will be a few adjustments but nothing massive.


'Kenny has said it several times that we have a very competitive squad and all positions are covered by two or three players, quality players, and we have a lot of young players coming through as well.'




Now is it just me or does the subtle change in Comolli hint at passing the buck to Kenny ?


Henry himself has underlined it's Kenny that has the final say on players :



Dalglish has gone on record several times about how cordial his relationship with Comolli is and Henry – who has stressed that the manager always has the final decision on new signings – says the two men have proven to be an ideal foil.


‘I was speaking with Kenny about it this week and he doesn't see that much difference between our model and the model of Liverpool when he was managing before,’ Henry said.


‘It's up to Damien and his staff to identify, study and acquire the right players, but Kenny always has the ultimate say. The two of them work very, very well with each other.’





But that's not the full picture. What advice is Kenny getting and, for that matter, is he asking the right questions ?


One thing is for sure, Comolli was spot on in the following last summer :



“We are very happy but what we do during the season will decide how well we did in the transfer window,” he said.
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