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The blues

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“I’m led to believe John Henry is willing to discuss it,” said the Everton chairman.


Kenwright made the claim during what he thought was a confidential meeting with three fans from the Blue Union supporters’ group and is angry that they have published details of their three-and-a-half hour talk.


Kenwright also lifted the lid on the abuse he has suffered, revealing he has had death threats because he backed David Moyes.


“I’ve survived three periods of death threats not to sack him,” he said. “I’ve had the s**t in the post, I’ve had the wreath, I’ve had: ‘We know where your mother lives’.”


Kenwright also admitted the banks won’t let the club borrow anymore money for players.


But he added that there were four players Everton would not sell.


“You know the four players we don’t dare sell,” he said. “Baines, Jagielka, Fellaini and Tim Howard.”




"I'm lead to believe". So in other words he hasn't got a clue, slimy f*****.

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This exchange about us is just unbelievable..!


Bill :"When was the last sale of a major football club?"




Simon: "Blackburn"


Bill:"you would want Blackburn..?"




Bill:"No,no Liverpool weren't sold, they took over the debt."


Barry:"They were sold...now they're showing ambition."


Bill:"I'm not arguing with you if you call that buying a football club. Blackburn, well I wouldn't want a Blackburn.."


If I were a Blue I'd be going mad over that, he sounds deluded.

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Right at the death, there. Could have snatched it, oooh.

1652: Still no joy for Everton. Marouane Fellaini gets on the end of a Leighton Baines free-kick but heads straight at QPR keeper Paddy Kenny. The flag was already up, so it would not have counted.



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At least they'll be proud in the knowledge that they've set a new record.


The bitters are the first team in Premier League history to lose 100 games on their own turf...I'm sure the DVD will be out soon :lol:

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yeah, reckon he needs to be careful.. a few bad results or a relegation battle on the horizon and his backing for his chairman will come back to haunt him..


to be honest i didn't know the meeting notes were released without Kenwright knowing - i'd assumed he took part in the meeting as he knew it was going to be released and would calm them now they've started asking for answers.. so, i suppose, in one way Moyes has a point.. on the other hand Kenwright - with being a big blue himself - should be talking to them and letting them know how bad things are and then maybe they wouldn't stoop so low..


saying all that, i think it's all good.. :D

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Apparently Everton are taking legal advice over the publication of the transcript.


The club suing their own fans. Good PR there.


Hope they do. I wonder what he thinks will happen if they do. A) More people won't read the transcript or B) More people will read the transcript, aka the Streisand Effect.

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