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Our new owners

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What an excellent start to their stewardship.


Having taken their time to analyse the quality of the incumbent Manager, they have made a huge decision early in their reign, the first step in a process that will ultimately define their time in Liverpool. Get this right - by 'this' I mean Kenny and then the subsequent permanent Manager, be that Kenny or AN Other - and they are all set to oversee the rebuilding of our great club. Get this wrong and who knows where we all end up???


Either way, they have made the decision and acted decisively. Crucially they have done this 'The Liverpool Way', i.e. behind closed doors. I have become sick of our club being operated like a bloody soap opera - arguably some of our fans deserve no better (witness the foot-stamping 'I want it now' attitude that seems to be growing by the day), but the core support of Liverpool FC and the people of Liverpool the city deserve better. Maybe now we finally have better. Appointing a caretaker is clearly not what the owners wanted when they took over but unfortunately that lack of quality of the Manager they inherited has forced them to move sooner than they wished and in a direction that was not their preference. They wanted their new CEO in place and for him to guide the decision and direction of the club - that wasn't possible and so they have come up with the perfect interim solution.


There is plenty of work to do - appointing the right CEO is crucial and will feed into the appointment of a Manager on a permanent basis. But maybe now we can all just concentrate on issues that occur on the pitch. It'd make a welcome change.


JWH - you passed your first footy test. Keep up the good work. And thank you!

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