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What kind of chemistry are we talking about. Very basic fundamendal chemistry or onwards towards organic chemistry for example?


A fun place to start: The Periodic Table of Videos by University of Nottingham



Wikipedia? Skip down to the 'Basic concepts' and browse your way through different entries to find out your knowledge level.



A very comprehensive chart of Biochemical pathways :)



Free course material from various MIT chemistry courses:


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You should search for faith based chemistry websites. You'll learn a lot.


God said unto Moses "put ye the Caesium unto the sea."

And Moses did as the lord commandeth, and lo, god gave unto Moses caesium hydroxide and vanquished the infidels with his fiery wrath.

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Can't recommend any sites, but I think the key to doing well at Chemistry is accepting that you just have to memorize large quantities of apparently unrelated information. Not sure if that's to do with how Chemistry is taught, or something in the nature of the subject. You could say that while Physics and Maths can be logically built upwards from fundamental laws, Chemistry is too complicated to connect everything together so nicely.

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