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sci fi reading group


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Never been to a book group before but am planning to read a lot more this year.


Manchester, Northern Quarter Tuesday 18th January

The book is Swiftly by Adam Roberts.

madlab scifi book club

I know there are a few sci fi readers on here and a few will be ruled out by geography. Someone on here wrote a sci fi novel, can't remember who it was.

Does this appeal to anyone or have I just unnecessarily exposed myself as a big dork ?

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Stanley Leisure's written one.


All was not well on Kluutu, General Ikryll looked over the Sarmesh Mountains, into the dual suns of Jokraal and cursed the day the Zaraack hoards had descended on to the planet. His planet.

There was only one place to turn. He dismounted his energy-cruiser and called Bunjik, the young armourer over.

"Get me Ace Windkill"

"Windkill? but General, he's been in exile in the Shiska Badlands, for 20 years, he's a criminal!"

"I know his crimes, lad - just get him here, I don't care what it takes - only he can help us defeat this evil".

"Of course, Sir - right away".

Ikryll looked through his Fusion Goggles at the Zaraack camps in the distance and remembered the day he'd ordered Windkill's exile. His brother's exile.

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I can't say I've ever really been that interested in book groups. They seem to turn reading into a chore or homework, when I read for enjoyment. Also, whilst I'll take recommendations on books to read under consideration, I'll be damned if a group of strangers are going to decide what I read next.


That said if you enjoy sci-fi books (they are great after all) and want to meet some fellows, then why not go along.


You'll be going by yourself though obviously.

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I couldn't do that life drawing thing without getting hugely embarassed and/or feeling like a massive sex pest though.


I went to one once with a mate. After about 5 mins we just started giggling and couldn't stop. I was 29 at the time and neither of us could draw.

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I couldn't handle a book group either. Being told what needs to be read would kettle my swede and a big reacharound of people not listening to each other but spouting their own boilinthebag opinions would be a load of old...


Hang on, weren't we going to have one on here? It was the hodgson one wasn't it? Yeah, that's right. F*ckin that's why they sound last. I had no opinion on them til that tw*t came along.

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you know it will be chaired by comic book guy don't you


It might be more bohemian than that, it might inspire me to write the novel thats in me. Could be the start of a journey


I'm not going to go in and they all do that vulcan greeting, am I ?

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See, all the cool kids are doing this sort of thing.


Just to tempt some of these people in the thread, like Gilps, who really want to go but are a bit shy...here is the blurb for the book off Amazon



It is 1848 and the British Empire has grown rich exploiting Lilliputian slaves - the finesse of their working allowing unheard of feats of minature engineering; even Babbage's computing device has been made to work. But now the French have formed a regiment of previously peaceful Brobdingnagian giants and invasion looms. In a world where humanity is both smaller and larger than it once was, love and hate loom large. Mankind discovers itself at the centre of scale. Lilliptians are twelve times smaller than us but there are those twelve times smaller than them, and twelve times smaller again and so on. And the scale of being goes up from Swift's giants also . . . Adam Roberts has written both a rip roaring 19th century adventure, a love story and a thought-provoking pre-atomic SF novel about our place in the universe. About the Author Adam Roberts is 42 and Professor of Nineteenth Century Literature at Royal Hollaway College, London University. His novels, Salt and Gradisil were shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award. He has also published a number of academic works on both 19th century poetry and SF.


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OK, but whats so wrong about a book group ?


they have this life drawing group that had this burlesque dancer last time...nipple tassles


I used to go to a regular life drawing class (as a student, not as a model). Was really enjoyable but they did used to get some weird looking people in there as the subjects.... first few times it was a fella it did sem a bit weird drawing someone's knob.

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