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First day back at work lunch

charlie clown

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getting plenty of fibre in your diet there Jonesy. That will be good for your bowels, well done.



Not so good for the poor feckers that are in the traps after me!! I'm on a mini detox after the festive period. Thought I would go the whole hog and have a sauna to sweat out the nonsense as well.....cleanse the skin and all that jazz. What was I thinking looking for saunas in my local area on google?? It opened my eyes I can tell you. I never knew there was so many filth merchants on my doorstep.

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Very Big Bold is worse.


I was hungry.


And I'm a greedy c***.

haha. It's when they shout it at 110 decibels to the soup-monkey that it gets most embarrassing.


Pret's gone totally done the pan in the soup stakes by only having one size (dieting female size).

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