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My little girl - who will be 5 years old in February - got a DSi off her grandparents for Christmas.. having never been into video games etc i haven't got a clue about it though, having looked at it it's not that hard to work things out but.. my main question is - after looking for some games for her to play (she got three 'free' with the DSi but they're not that good to be honest) and seeing the cost of some of them is where's the best place to look for games, either shops in town or online, where they're reasonably priced.. it looks like newer ones are around the 30 quid mark and older ones as low as 12quid but is there somewhere that's decent out there where there may be a few quid knocked off those type of prices..


not that i'm tight or anything like...........................

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Amazon (including the new & used) is a good starting point but the usual suspects like Play.com are worth checking as well. If going to buy owt like that I usually check the cheapest price on those sites and then do a final look at e-bay just to see if there's one of the same games going for shrapnel on there.

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was out with one of the lads from work earlier and mentioned the DSi after he said he'd already taken his off his kids for a week cos they've been naughty since xmas :D ..anyway, he mentioned the R4 cards and 'edge' (?) cards but we got interupted and then he had to get off so i didnt question him but essentially, these are cards that will plug into the DSi and allow the little one to play any game i download onto it??.. now that sounds like a plan!

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I use the R4 cartridge then you have a micro sd which plugs into that... you plug the micro sd via a usb adapter into your PC, download ROMS online and copy them over, a full ds game is around 10mb to 100mb depending what it is so you can get a lot on the micro sd...


work a bit like a file browser when you have it plugged in so when mine comes on, on the ds screen it just says ROMS, i go into that then I have folders with genre types like Action, puzzle, brain training etc... then select your game and voila!


warez-bb is a good forum :hmm:



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